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Educating companies on generating new business and proficiency in selling

We offer an approach that balances the art and science of sales. The art of sales focuses on the people skills that create authentic dialogue and language for building high-trust relationships. The science of sales focuses on a repeatable, consistent process for initiating, qualifying, winning, and growing sales.

Positive Results iSales (Sales Training) program is a mind-set, skill-set, tool-set, and methodology that blend the art and science of sales—integrating communication skills with disciplined business thinking and execution process. It enables you to eliminate the dysfunctions in the selling/buying process and get buyers on the same side of the table—to get real, talk honestly, explore issues, collaborate and craft solutions that exactly meet the client’s needs. The end result is radical success for you and your client.

Putting iSales in perspective

At Positive Results we look at all aspects of the sale and turning leads into new business.  PR's iSales program is designed to fundamentally change the way you do business with clients. 

iSales represents the intellectual sales model we use for all of our training courses and workshops.  In our system we break down the stages of a sale from from start to finish.  We teach you through the i-S-A-L-E-S steps how to turn prospects into customers.

I- Initiating new opportunities:  We take the art of seeking out new business and generating leads and give you the knowledge to get new business in new ways and by utilizing resources.

S- Stand out:  It is easy to connect with a large audience these days but to actually be heard and be seen is the key that so many businesses fall short on.  It's not enough to just put yourself out there, you have to have a plan and direction in place that makes your company attractive and different than your competitors.  Sales are not always about getting it's also about giving.  The more you give the more you get.

A- Analyze:  So many businesses don't do their research and they fail quickly because they didn't define their target market.  You need to analyze all aspects of your market and the types of clients or customers you want to engage.  Analytics are a huge part of succeeding in today's economy and Positive Results gives you the tools to do it correctly.

L- Leads:  It seems simple but generating the RIGHT leads and connecting with the right people is a painful and usually time consuming effort that usually ends up costing you time, money, and resources that if trained correctly would put you ahead of market.  Not every lead is a good lead.  You need to take the last step and analyze your leads to make sure it is right for you.  Bad leads can cost companies their revenue and then some because in the end, the sale wasn't worth the time and capital.  

E- Experience:  Positive Results sales training gives you the knowledge which turns into experience.  With techniques and interactive training, we give you first hand experience to take with you and convert that into real insight.  

S- Sustainability:  Anyone can make a sale, but it's what you do with that sale after it's done.  Good business and market value is influenced by repeat consumers.  The effect you have on that one sale can make or break any business.  Happy customers equal new customers.  No advertising or marketing plan is as productive as word of mouth.  No one sells your company better than your customers.  Our program teaches you how to stay relavent.  

iSales sales training enables you to train your team, management, and yourself on how to make superlative decisions and use the best practices to succeed in any market and economy.  Our program is easy, effective, and valuable and works with every budget.  Our goal is to not only train but to successfully create POSITIVE RESULTS.

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