LMS Features

Understanding your training needs

Whether your goal is to train employees at a small business, maintain regulatory compliance at a multi-million dollar corporation, or streamline the fundraising strategies of a non-profit organization, Positive Results customizable learning management system has the cost-effective, tailored solution you require.

Positive Results Learning Management System lets you create custom training programs quickly and affordably, helping your employees train faster and keeping more of your hard-earned money in your pocket.

We understand your business requires learning tools that fit your size without limiting your potential. That's why we created our Learning Management System to deliver flexible, practical, full-featured LMS solutions and course authoring tools, combined with unmatched customer service.

Managing made easy and effective

The LMS lets you publish courses and place them in an easy to use online catalog. Learners log into the LMS with any browser, select courses from the course catalog and take them. The LMS tracks the learners activities, providerships, professional licenses, progress, compliance with course assignments and much more. The LMS provides online reports for each course and learner yet is inexpensive and provides the essential features you need.

PR Learning Management System is a complete, secure, web-based training and e-learning solution that employs a simple user interface. This way both technical and non-technical training administrators can easily create, manage, and track interactive training courses and learning programs for all levels of users. Our LMS is designed to fit any organization size. With it you will have the sophistication favored by all companies and learning institutions. Yet, you can enjoy the flexibility, simplicity and customization of a system that will not overwhelm smaller organizations.

Ensure your business' success with online training

Good for the business- While training programs and company “Universities” were a breakthrough idea back in the 60’s, many companies are now turning to online training to assist with their training programs. A learning management system is one of the best ways to train business owners and employees, because the company is able to create and deliver specific, detailed training. This training is not only designed and fully created by the company itself, but it can keep procedures and training constant across the board, ensuring better, more branded businesses.

Good for the employee- Learning Management Systems are also great for trainees as well. Trainees are no longer sent off-site or even out of the state to train company procedures, and can learn from a back room, an office or even the comfort of their own home, based on your business. An LMS can track an employee’s training progress, which allows managers to know when they are ready for more responsibility. Lastly, online training is beneficial for the company itself, and allows for more flexibility and adventure. A company using an LMS can easily try new things with training and procedures, and adjust their systems accordingly. If a procedure isn’t going over well, or is misunderstood, feedback and tracking can help them make quick changes and corrections.

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